3. December 2021

The most important Cryptocurrency Platforms, Projects, Apps and Programs listed and organized

Since the birth of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of our world over the last 10 years. The areas of application for Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) are diverse and constantly growing.

cryptocurrency listsThis results in an almost unmanageable jungle of possible applications and areas of use. Owners and users of cryptocurrencies and projects have very different ideas, goals, inclinations and interests.

While some are just looking for another way to invest, others want to use the uncomplicated digital currencies to gamble or buy things online. Some followers and users of cryptocurrencies use their coins for barter, leveraged speculation or to donate a monetary value to organizations and meaningful projects.

The world of cryptocurrencies is still in its infancy, but its development is unstoppable. For the idea of independent, borderless, neutral and immediate value transmission systems via the Internet, which are based on mathematical accuracy and therefore do not require personal trust between peers, was born and will continue to exist and develop.

On this page we try to list all currently existing categories of cryptocurrency applications in the form of websites, platforms, apps and programs that are currently available.

You may find helpful links and new ideas on how to get even more out of your crypto coins. We try to keep the lists up-to-date. Please note that we list the most important links for each topic, surely there are even more projects in some areas.

Coin Listings:


Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Peer-to-peer Market Places:

Margin Trading Brokers:

Trading Information:

Futures Trading:

  • CME (fiat settled)
  • BitMEX (Bitcoin settled)

Tax & Accounting Programs: