3. December 2021

Bitcoin Acceptance Points

The points of acceptance for Bitcoin have been steadily increasing since the introduction of the Internet currency. If the tendency was initially restrained with many dealers, the customers can find now ever more Bitcoin acceptance places in Europe as well as world-wide. In Africa the acceptance has finally made a major step in 2020 which means that more and more people from countries like Kenya buy BTC but also from most other African countries.

It is noticeable that above all the number of Bitcoin points of acceptance online has increased rapidly and users can pay via Apps or online stores with Bitcoin. However, not only the number of Bitcoin points of acceptance has increased, but also the opportunities to invest in Bitcoin.

Finding Bitcoin acceptance points worldwide is no longer a problem these days, especially online. For many merchants, it is good manners to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment in addition to the usual payment options (for example, credit cards or electronic purses). Among young people in Africa the demand for Bitcoin and crypto payment options is steadily increasing.

In recent years, the number of acceptance points has increased enormously, not only in the USA but also in Germany and neighboring European countries.  However, there are also some platforms that are no longer considered Bitcoin acceptance points. The best example is the travel agent Expedia. Also Industry giant Microsoft had enabled payment with Bitcoin for a while but doesn’t anymore at the moment.

Due to technical difficulties with its payment processing, Expedia decided after its introduction as a Bitcoin acceptance point to no longer accept the cryptocurrency as a means of payment. However, this was not due to the customers, because they were using Bitcoin as a new means of payment more and more frequently and the cryptocurrency quickly advanced to become an alternative means of payment on the platform.

Bitcoin Points Of Acceptance Are Especially Online

The acceptance points are represented in large numbers, especially online, and the number is growing. The industry giant Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin for use in its online Xbox Shop since 2014. Microsoft took a temporary break from acceptance due to volatility and now accepts Bitcoin again exclusively for Xbox Shop credits.

The Overstock platform is one of the leading Bitcoin acceptance points. Customers can not only pay with Bitcoin here, but also use other cryptocurrencies. The internationally acting on-line offerer for gifts eGifter is to be likewise called as one of the prominent Bitcoin acceptance places.

Same applies to KFC Canada. In the future the customers can pay their meals with the Internet currency also here. Compared to the American market the number of Bitcoin acceptance places in Austria and the Bitcoin acceptance places Switzerland is still extremely restrained. Whether and when this will change is still uncertain.

Use Bitcoin As An Investment Or Trading Instrument

bitcoin price movementEven without being able to use Bitcoin as a means of payment, users can still benefit from it. The Bitcoin trade, for example, is becoming increasingly popular. Also the Investment into an alternative Internet currency from the crypto currency list is interesting for ever more investors. In times of low interest many investors look for alternatives to classical plant possibilities such as passbook or daily allowance account.

The Forex trade or the Investment in CFDs on cryptocurrencies comes there frequently as called. The advantage: Investors do not have to invest directly with Crypto Trading and buy for instance directly Bitcoin or Ripple. Also a Wallet, which is necessary with the direct Investment, is not needed.

Instead the investors can flexibly trade the cryptocurrency and hold the position even only (among other things as Daytrader) short time. The necessary own capital funds precipitates frequently around a multiple smaller than for example with the direct Investment.

Payment With Bitcoin: This Is How It Works

If the users would like to pay at Bitcoin acceptance places with the cryptocurrency, this must be available first in a Wallet. In addition the previous purchase or exchange of the Coins is necessary. Also, the users need the virtual purse, at best as an on-line variant. There are also hardware wallets, but they are less suitable for daily use.

One of the most practical ways to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is by using a crypto payment card. Such cards are available at different providers. This platform shows the currently available offers of cryptocurrency debit cards.

If you want to manage your coins safely for a longer period of time, you should preferably use a hardware wallet or paper wallet (offline storage), as they guarantee greater security. Online wallets are connected to the Internet and offer flexible access, ideal for use in payment transactions.

However, this Internet connection also poses a security risk, so investors should only manage small amounts in them. Users can purchase the coins on a cryptocurrency trading platform, such as a crypto stock exchange or on a crypto marketplace.